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    This game is wonderful! I love all the new features and content. My only regret is that I wish I could buy a bundle of all the levels for $5! Also though too the entire multiplayer system needs to be remade, at least the engine that sets up the games. I have had no success with finding more than one opponent. I would recommend you guys emulate asphalt 8’s engine, its pretty decent. Also you could sell your souls and charge for in game perks, and have a ranking system, all just like asphalt 8. Still this is a huge improvement from your first game good job! Its a beautiful game and super fun! Here we provide Auralux V for Android 4.0++ Auralux: Constellations features a slow, graceful feel, easy to learn mechanics and vibrant minimalistic graphics, all pulsing to the rhythm of ambient music. This game is designed to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience yet will challenge even the most experienced RTS fans.

    Every choice matters, and the only path to victory is through clever strategy. It’s Real-Time Strategy, deconstructed.

    – 150 unique levels, with a dozen new twists to classic Auralux gameplay
    – Play on the big screen with full Android TV functionality!
    – Online multiplayer with Google Play Games to wage planetary war against each other.
    – New modes and maps including black holes, supernovas and wormholes!
    – Native 4K, increased unit counts, and two free multiplayer maps for NVIDIA Shield players.

    "Auralux is real-time strategy in its purest form… It's simple. It's elegant. It's slow and engrossing." – Kotaku

    "Auralux is a success. It distills the real-time-strategy game to its purest form." – The A.V. Club

    "The later game introduces some very interesting mechanics though, such as black holes, gamma ray bursts, and orbiting planets… There is something for everyone." – Techgage
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    Editors Notes:

    It's a great game, it's a lot of fun. But I only give it 3 stars cus of the cost. The first constellation is free, but it wants you to pay a dollar a piece for the other 13. If it was only $1-3 for the rest of the content I'd be fine, but $13? I can't think of any full mobile game that's worth that. You get the first constellation and also the online mode, but I have never found anybody online. Idk if the server or what, but I always select it to auto match the other 3 players and it has never found me anybody no matter how long I wait. I really hope they take care of that, because otherwise it's an extremely fun and well conceived game.

    What's new

    * New constellation, Fracture! Your planets in this constellation will rupture and be rendered uneffective when attacked, bringing yet another strategic twist to the game.* Multiplayer improvements! Better performance and fixed a matchmaking bug* Units will now flow around suns, make the game feel more realistic* Fixed a crash on startup that effected people with corrupted save data

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    Auralux Apk File  [ Date: 2017-05-17]

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