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    Here we provide Choosémon for Pokémon Go (Unreleased) V 0.6.1 for Android 4.4+ Maximize your wins in gym battles by discovering the hidden details of Pokemon Go. The best strategies from the internet have been put into this one single app. Pokemon are much more than just Combat Power. For your Pokémon you can uncover:

    – Your Pokémon's hidden attributes (individual values)
    – The best moves for your Pokémon
    – Pokémon to use when attacking a gym
    – Pokémon to use when defending a gym
    – Pokemon to power up and evolve, by knowing how strong your Pokémon would be in advance.
    – Lucky Egg Calculator
    – Power up / Evolution cost and CP calculator
    – Top ranked Pokémon
    – Look up details about Pokemon, Moves, Types, Buddies, and Eggs

    Many other Pokémon calculators can be cumbersome since there is so much data to be entered. For this calculator, instead of entering each number at a time, all Pokémon are simply entered through screenshots!

    Hidden Attributes
    Every Pokémon has three hidden attributes: attack, defense, and stamina. Many players will fondly remember these attributes from previous games. Though Pokémon Go only displays combat power, the internet has reverse engineered the formulas, and these formulas can estimate a range of possible attributes. If a Pokémon is updated after power ups and evolves, then the range can be narrowed down. If the appraisal is also added, then often the exact values can be uncovered.

    Best Moves
    Pokémon usually have two quick moves and three charge moves that are randomly assigned. For example, Pikachu is randomly assigned either Thunder Shock or Quick Attack as the quick move. It is randomly assigned Thunder, Thunderbolt, or Discharge as the charge move. The game displays the damage of each move, but there is also a duration that each move takes. So the best move depends on how much damage per second that can be done. In addition, each charge move uses a certain amount of energy and each quick move will give some energy. Combining damage, duration and energy will give the best quick/charge move pair.

    Best Attackers/Defenders
    The highest damage per second doesn't mean anything unless the Pokémon has HP to survive. So the seconds of survival are combined with the damage per second to arrive at the best attackers. Defenders are similar except they attack at a specific rate and a different damage per second is calculated. In addition, you can maximize your "Super Effective!" attacks and "Not very effective" defense by knowing the exact moves that your Pokémon have and specifying the opponent's Pokémon. The very best attacker is chosen taking these bonuses into account as well.

    Power Up and Evolve
    Optimize your stardust and candies by only spending it on Pokémon with the highest potential. Since all the formulas are known, we can calculate what the CP will be before the Pokémon is powered up so you can concentrate on the Pokémon that will be the strongest in the future. Know the best attackers and defenders ahead of time and keep them. Transfer the remaining Pokémon.

    Comments are welcome! I'm listening to any new feature requests. Especially if there are things like "I was expecting this to happen", "I'm confused by this", or "I wish there was a button for this". Any crash report, even without a comment, is very useful. And before uninstalling, a comment about why would be very helpful.

    if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

    Editors Notes:

    Very fun game, I'm addicted to this game, it is very interesting, it is worth the download.

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