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Size:99.0 MB     Version: 2.38.0     Requires Android:2.3.4+
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    – The Strongest Kingdom Event should be optimized: 1- reduce required points in building stage, or add another ways to get points (lucky wheel, Wishing Well, … etc). 2- add “Gathering gold points” to Gathering stage. 3- it will be better if there is a “Total Rank Rewards” for all stages, like as Daily event. – Attacking Monsters Rewards : Should contains “Adavance Obsisain” items. (Daily limit). – Most of players have thousands of Blue Dragon’s Crystal egg parts, it would be better if we are able to exchange it by another items. (Likely items from Dragon Tower Rewars). Thanks! Here we provide Clash of Kings V 2.38.0 for Android 2.3.4++ Easter Theme & Event available now! Enjoy our specially designed gift pack, Easter fun events and more.

    Clash of Kings is a new real time strategy game where you battle to build an empire and control 7 fantasy kingdoms! If you like PVP games or multiplayer games, you’ll love this base building, fighting army game where you must conquer kingdoms to survive!

    Download this fighting army game on your phone or tablet!

    This multiplayer building game pits you against friends and enemies from all over the world! Build massive empires and clash with enemies in MMO RPG battle games. Explore a fantasy kingdom world as you attack enemies and build a castle defense, becoming one of the most powerful fantasy heroes in the land!

    Build armies, attack enemies, research goods and gather resources to become the most powerful player!


    Free to Play: Multiplayer Online PVP war

    Combat Multiplayer: MMORPG Games With Free Multiplayer Battles

    Build Massive Empires to Defend a Tower Rush

    3D MMO Action: Vivid Fantasy Empire Graphics

    Multiplayer Strategy Games With Building and PVP Multiplayer Game Battles

    As you build a massive empire and make empire allies, you’ll create bitter enemies in this real time multiplayer strategy battle game. Explore the massive Clash of Kings landscape and watch your own fantasy kingdom grow.

    If you enjoy battle games or PVP action, you’ll love this base building game. Clash of Kings has many king empires but only one can be the true King – will it be you? Download Clash of Kings and claim the throne today!

    Clash of Kings is completely free to play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want to use this feature, please set up password protection for purchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.

    For any questions or comments on the awesome real time strategy, PVP multiplayer online war game Clash of Kings, reach out to us at: [email protected]

    FAQs of Clash of Kings

    Safe Resources

    1) What are Safe Resources?

    If you use items to receive resources, then
    they are Safe Resources.

    2) How to use Safe Resources?

    The use of Safe Resources is the same as
    other resources. They can be used for building upgrades, training soldiers,
    etc. When you have both Safe Resources and ordinary resources, the ordinary
    resources will be consumed first. Safe Resources cannot be sent to help other

    3) What are the benefits of having Safe

    Safe Resources cannot be scouted/ plundered/
    consumed by other Lords

    Alliance Help

    You can ask for Alliance Help when
    upgrading buildings, researching technologies or healing the wounded. Each time
    a players helps you, it will speed it up by a certain amount of time.

    Every alliance member can offer help to
    each other by pressing the shortcut button in the Embassy.

    The Help effects are determined by the
    Embassy level of the one being helped.


    It is a new type of equipment. When you put
    it on, you will get bonus on multiple attributes.

    Castle level meets 15 and the dragonglass
    slot will be unlocked in your Lord interface. You can wear the proper dragonglass

    Dragonglass has 5 levels (green, blue,
    purple, yellow and orange). As the level increases, a new attribute will
    appear, and all attributes will increase a lot.


    When your enemies’ troops are marching to
    attack your castle, alliance members can send reinforcements to help you defend
    your castle. The capacity of the reinforcements is determined by your Embassy’s
    level. Click the Return Button to call back the troops you send to other
    alliance members’ castles.

    if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

    Editors Notes:

    So you have gave me new building's which I cannot use until I reach level 30 !! What a complete JOKE ! Nothing in latest implement has any use to me what so ever, yet again discrimination towards lower rank players. Everything is for prestige levels !!

    What's new

    bug fixes

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