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    This is app is one of a kind. It uses the sensors realtime so it can only record them, but because of that, it generally produces results far better than other post processing apps.

    Gallus • Stabilized Hyperlapse V 1.15.7 for Android 4.4+ Gallus is a stabilizing hyperlapse video capture and rendering application for Android.

    COMING SOON: Instrumented videos, allowing for an overlay of additional metadata on rendered videos (speed, location, elevation, heart rate if configured, etc).

    • Full quality video recording, at configurable resolutions and bitrates. The original recording is captured as is to ensure that memories are never lost, with correlating metadata that allows Gallus to optionally render stabilized, hyperlapse or slow motion videos with optional video effects.

    • No 1280x720p limits. No up-front pre-processing. No lead-in or lead-out graphics, advertisements or watermarks. Just your video, with your settings, at the best quality achievable. Optional video processing, for instance B&W or to add a little saturation.

    • HEVC / h265 video compression on capable devices

    • Use the back or front camera, switching with a simple swipe.

    • Gyroscope stabilized, perspective mapped video yielding incredibly stable videos on most devices. You've never seen anything like this.

    • Touch to focus / touch to expose. Optional fixed exposure. Even if you never use stabilization or time lapse/hyperlapse functions, it's one of the best video capture applications available. Touch the desired focal point in the preview window to focus and optionally fix exposure, clicking on the fixed focus button to switch back to autofocus.

    • Shoot video in any orientation — landscape, portrait, or upside down variations of either, and your video will still be perfect.

    • Hyperlapse videos at up to 64x speed, or in slow-motion down to 1/10th speed. Render high quality outputs, at the original video resolution (including 2K and 4K if your device supports it), that you can share on social media or privately. Optionally include time scaled audio.

    • Interval frame configuration for extended hyperlapses (e.g. multi-hour hyperlapses and you want to minimize the space used, maximize the frame quality, and minimize the rendering time). e.g. record a frame every second instead of 30 times a second, and beyond.

    • Renders can optionally include the time-scaled audio

    • Configurable recording locations, including SD card storage on Android 5.0+.

    Gallus was the first stabilizing hyperlapse application available on the Android platform, and remains the only gyroscopically stabilized option. It works in any situation (e.g. tight trails, highly dynamic scenes), versus post-processing alternatives that require a largely static scene for often flawed naive frame matching.

    Share your hyperlapse output to any registered application, include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and more!

    While everyone else was claiming it couldn't be done, including enormous organizations that wrote Android off and declared it an impossible task, Gallus delivered, and keeps delivering

    if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

    Editors Notes:

    This is app is one of a kind. It uses the sensors realtime so it can only record them, but because of that, it generally produces results far better than other post processing apps.

    What's new

    -Enormous improvements in stabilization across a variety of devices -Improved video performance on lower performance devices -Better quality preview This release has been deployed given a surge in installs, however an upcoming release, due in just days, will allow for optional route / speed / distance / altitude instrumentation on rendered videos. Be sure to enable the record location metadata option in settings to take advantage of this new rendering functionality.

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