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  • Descriptions

    Tank battles are a craze, and while many rush to consider it an e-sport comparable to League of Legends or whichever, every big video game company launches its own tank game just to lose not the wave.

    The good part is that huge publishers as Chillingo won’t ever release (or shouldn’t!) a mediocre game no matters how much in vogue the topic is. The bad side is that we feel like there are many tank games roaming around and it might happen that we get incurious for them all and focus our spare time on something else. Are tanks the new zombies?

    Anyway, we looked forward to see what this Iron Force has to offer, and what we found is a third person shooter (TPS) played by clumsy and slow steel beasts who take a life to recharge and are most likely destroyed by shoots from your dead angle. In other words, the first minutes playing Iron Force will be a horrible experience, and I’m not sure if tutorials need to be such a shock therapy.

    Once you get to the menus and, step by step, get some upgrades, it gets more fun, so I guess it’s all about the learning curve.

    By the way, 3D graphics are acceptable. Sound can be improved, same goes for UI out of combat. Although the game is focused on online battles, bots give quite a challenge. However, the only way to make the most of this game is lure three friends and form a squad.

    The best of it is that’s free. Yes, of course there’s an in-app shop, but you can eternally play for free and get upgrades more slowly.

    Editors Notes:

    Very fun game, it is worth taking some time to play, you can download, highly recommended.

    What's new

    Commanders! It’s time to ‘Tech-up’ your Tanks! This update introduces a complete overhaul of the ‘Technologies’ system and makes Blueprints much more accessible to all levels of Commanders: • Introducing the all new ‘Air Strike’ Technology - target an enemy and watch as destruction reigns from the sky • Get a FREE Blueprint everyday from the shop • Find more FREE Blueprints in Ammo Boxes PLUS • Enhanced help for first time players in the new tutorial • All new starter pack offers better value

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    Iron Force V2.1.5 Apk File  [ Date: 2016-05-08]

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