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Size:16MB     Version: V1.3.6     Requires Android:2.3
Updated: 2016-06-13
  • Descriptions

    Pac-man Dash! is a two-dimensional platform game where you control the famous character Pac-man in a new adventure in which you have to collect all of the balls that you can before time runs out.

    Pac-man Dash! has more than seventy different missions for you to explore, fighting against the classic ghosts from the original game. Just like in that classic Namco game, you’ll be able to eat the ghosts as long as you have activated a power-up.

    Brief disclaimer: this is an official Pacman product, Regrettably, if you were looking for a Pacman game you should look elsewhere, perhaps browsing developers who have imitated or payed homage to the almighty yellow icon who ended Space Invaders supremacy, that’s nothing.

    PacMan Dash is unexpectedly a fickle ever-running sidescroller, a “PacMan wants to be Sonic the Hedgehog” because there are even loop ramps. However, there aren’t stages at all, and your goal is simply to reach the farthest.

    There are all kinds of power-ups to grab throughout the many races in the world of Pac-man Dash! Some allow you to eat the ghosts, while others give you the ability to perform special moves and even go through transformations.

    Pac-man Dash! is a wild, fun platform game with entertaining gameplay, even if it’s not much like the original. And the game has outstanding, colorful graphics and some well-designed character models.

    Editors Notes:

    Although it should be considered a good sidescroller, it's unlike of a Pacman game, and somehow misleading, more focused on idolizing the character instead of the genre it gives name to. Fortunately it's free.

    What's new

    fix some bugs

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    PAC-MAN DASH V1.3.6 Apk File  [ Date: 2016-06-13]

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