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  • Descriptions

    Sector Strike is a flight shooting game that combines classic shooter and modern 3D effects, and a large number of enemy combatants, collecting falling upgrade items to arm themselves, most have one of four bonus weapons, and upgrade your spacecraft, including weapons, equipment, capability and so on.

    It’s amazing how Android is bringing back classic genres to the gaming arena. Space shoot’em up are trend again, three decades later. Sector Strike is one of those games with a classic gameplay yet innovative mobile-native features.

    Unlike Space Invaders and other classic titles, Sector Strike is a horizontal shooet’em up with a touch of RPG. This means that, besides flying around well-crafted 3D levels, you can upgrade your ship after completing each sector if you collected enough resources (points and coins). If not you can buy some via in-game purchase (a system that we aren’t really fond of due to kids can misuse it).

    Anyway, game’s scenery is great: hi-tech sectors and units and simple yet cute graphics. Steer the ship just by sliding your finger across the screen. Shooting is automatic, as usual. Get power-ups after destroying a group of enemy’s units. Power-ups are cumulative: you’ll be adding missiles, lasers and other weapons to your ships, however, they’ll be gone if a bullet or unit hit you.

    Additional upgrade system allows you to constantly upgrade the ship, there are more than 20 kinds of weapons and the ability to choose from, including Hellfire missiles and call support. Gorgeous visuals can make your adventure more interesting, the game also includes the original sound, while supporting the cloud archiving system, you can upload your archive to ensure that your archives are not lost or damaged, you instantly change the device does not matter.

    Editors Notes:

    One of the strongest point of Sector Strike is that it's been optimized to be run even on low-end devices. Highly recommendable.

    What's new

    - Alternate ships now have special abilities - Achievements (Play Games) - Hi-res icon for large screens - Extra effects on high-end devices - Bug fixes

    History Version

    Sector Strike V1.2.1 Apk File  [ Date: 2016-08-08]

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