Slashers: Intense 2D Fighting V1.195

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  • Descriptions

    Slashers slashes its way to bring back the old 2d fighting games’ spirit and challenge with simple game mechanics and tactical gameplay.
    Main Features:

    * Choose from 10 unique fighters with different abilities:
    Characters include an Ottoman warrior who wields a dagger and uses powerful slap attacks, a Kazakh shaman who uses spirits to attack and curse her opponents, a half-beast with his pet which helps to create combinational attack patterns, a templar knight who resists and counters opponent’s attacks.

    * Power Combining System:
    Choose 2 power moves (AKA “supers”) out of 4 at the beginning of every fight.
    Each power move has different aspects and strategies. Know your opponent and adapt your counter or attack strategies!

    * Tactical Features:
    Enhance your gameplay style and create your own combos with features like: “Block” (AKA “Parry”),“Recovery”,“Power Recovery”,”Free Cancel”,”Power Cancel”,”Power Escape”,”Throw Escape” and “Limit Break” attacks.

    * Ultimate Power Moves to destroy your opponents:
    Destroy your opponent with a character specific method when they are on low health and you are on the winning round.

    * Cartoon-like HD Graphics:
    Big and detailed characters and backgrounds compared to most old-school fighting games.

    * Simple control scheme to focus on tactics rather than inputs:
    4 attack buttons (Slash,Big Slash,Kick,Power). Ultra responsive smart virtual pad makes a fighting game playable on touch screen devices.

    * Online versus play and ranking system.
    Support for cross platform online play.

    Slashers is also optimized for MOGA Controllers.

    Editors Notes:

    Editors is lazy not tested it

    Video Trailer or Demo

    What's new

    -Custom win quotes. Type phrases for your favorite characters to be shown online! -Color select on Ending Theater now possible. -Many bug fixes. -New rating system, to classify interesting matches higher. -Color Edit mode now unlockable for free! Finish Arcade Mode with all characters on "Insane" difficulty to unlock.

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