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    Bases are permanent cards on the playing field that each player needs to try and destroy but giving that there is a choice each turn to hit a base or the players ships, it becomes a juggling act of what takes priority to destroy.

    I’m going to preface the review of Star Realms by saying that I don’t generally play CCGs, and I’ve literally no experience in the realm of tabletop gaming. That said, it’s so evident that Star Realms is exceptional within its genre that I can’t help but give it a great rating.

    You’re looking at a classic deckbuilding game, one that matches the strategic skill of maneuvering one’s way around a series of complex rules and possible combinations with the pure luck of drawing the right card next. It’s balanced and nuanced; no two games play out the same way.

    A short tutorial gets you started on basic techniques, and more extensive rules are included as browseable appendices. Play through the campaign mode against an AI that increases in difficulty, or register your account and play online against human opponents.

    The visual design of the cards themselves is really high level with tons of detail. The music, while repetitive, isn’t annoying, and provides a suitable audio backdrop for focusing in on playing your cards.

    Editors Notes:

    The AI is challenging, but fair. The different challenges in the dlc are actually worth the money, and the online play works well. The game itself is one of my favorites.

    What's new

    Heroes expansion now for sale! This expansion comes with an all-new card type called Heroes! Heroes are cards that go directly into play when you acquire them, and they stay there until they are ready to activate an unused ally ability. Which Hero will you enlist? Purchasing the Heroes expansion also unlocks the 7th campaign chapter.

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