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    Here we provide AirWatch Inbox V لالروبوت 4.0++ AirWatch® Inbox for Android is a secure, containerized email client that provides complete separation of enterprise and personal data on devices. Protected with AES-256 bit encryption, AirWatch Inbox is configured with advanced data loss prevention capabilities to secure sensitive corporate data, while providing you with quick access to corporate email, التقويم وجهات الاتصال. AirWatch Inbox is ideal for highly regulated deployments and BYOD programs.

    ملاحظة: AirWatch Inbox works in conjunction with and is managed through configurable system settings within the admin console. AirWatch Inbox will not operate without the required AirWatch infrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator before installing AirWatch Inbox.

    Key Features of AirWatch Inbox :
    Protect with AES-256 bit encryption
    Protect with password/pin authentication

    البريد الإلكتروني
    • خلق, rename and delete folders and subfolders
    Search for email by ‘إلى’ و ‘Subject
    Filter flagged, unread and high priority email
    Preview attachments before opening
    Perform bulk actions to emails
    Support HTML email
    Insert custom signatures automatically
    Support Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

    View all events and respond to invites
    See chronological list of events for each day

    جهات الاتصال
    • خلق, edit and delete contacts
    Call and send messages to contacts
    Search for contacts in Global Address List

    خطوات لتفعيل:
    1. Download and install AirWatch Inbox on your device through the Google Play Store.
    2. Enroll your device with the AirWatch® وكيل
    3. Based on a profile set by your IT administrator, AirWatch Inbox configures itself and prompts you for additional inputs.
    4. Once you complete the configuration steps as prescribed by your administrator, AirWatch Inbox starts syncing your email, التقويم وجهات الاتصال.

    For more information on the AirWatch solution, please call 866.501.7705.

    إذا كان هناك أي مشكلة واسمحوا لنا أن نعرف. إرسال مشكلتك في مربع التعليق أدناه.

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