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Cubie Adventure V1.0.19 Apk Download[حر]

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حجم:41.6 MB     الإصدار: 1.0.19     يتطلب الروبوت:4.0.3+
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    لا تدع الآخرين قد تفقد عمدا,这样真的不会有人想玩 Here we provide Cubie Adventure V 1.0.19 لالروبوت 4.0.3++ Adventure with your Cute Characters and Pets!
    Cute and adorable characters with addictive gameplay!
    Cubie Adventure welcomes you to an endless world of boxes and squares!

    ■ Easy Tap and Jump!
    Simple taps to explore the amazing Cubie World.

    ■ Lethally Cute Characters
    Meet the crew. جمع أكثر من 100 Cubies & Pets with ‘edges’!
    Make friends to unlock special bonus effects!

    ■ Explore the Endless World of Boxes and Squares!
    الانتقال السريع ل, run and double jump over obstacles and dash through traps.

    ■ The Race Is On – Run, يجري, يجري! As fast as you can!
    سباق أصدقائك!
    Can you beat your friends fair and square?

    ■ Who's the Boss
    يجري, قفز, and stomp the Boss.
    Remember to time your taps and stack your combos!

    ■ Even Harder for Arcade Masters
    If you love challenges, Crazy Mode is the race for you!
    No rooms for mistakes!

    # Cubie Adventure Official Fan Page:
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    Cubie Adventure 1.0.19 ملف APK  [ تاريخ: 2017-09-17]

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