Snake Crawl V1.0.8

Snake Crawl V1.0.8 Apk Download[Gratis]

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Størrelse:8.1 MB     Version: 1.0.8     kræver Android:2.3.2+
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  • Beskrivelser

    COPYCATS!!!!this is the same as but worse . You can barely move the snakes and you should be able to choose your own nickname! To all of you wanting to get this game don’t. We all deserve a big apology right now.Poor creators of have to deal with this copywrite!😝Shameful very shameful. Here we provide Snake Crawl V 1.0.8 til Android 2.3.2++ Classic snake crawl game, control your snake, crawl left or right to eat luminous dots or dying opponents! It's very fun and against with many other players. Don't let your head touches another player, when others run into you, they will explode, og du kan spise deres rester.

    It's possible to cross ways with you own body, uden straf. Fokus på de lysende prikker undervejs. Slither left or right to eat more dots, as you crawl fast, more stronger with you.

    Snake Crawl Features:
    -Gratis at spille i google
    -snake crawl games
    Eat luminous dots as much as
    Intuitive touch screen controls
    -Beautiful scenary
    -Strategic slither
    -To be the biggest snakes
    Hvis der er noget problem så lad os vide. Skriv dit problem i kommentar boksen nedenfor.

    Editors Noter:

    Actually there are billions of games dat copied so it doesn't matter at least give the creators some respect for making a game that kids can enjoy. So I give the creators of this game a appoligy because assuming that it was the only game that copied it so for your info at least it's a good game because without game devs there would not be games for u to assume that it copied another game and without games in the world we both would be lost.😒

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    Snake Crawl 1.0.8 apk fil  [ Dato: 2017-09-16]

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