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    Here we provide Chinese Dress Photo Montage V 1.3 για αντρόιντ 3.0++ Do you want to know more about the amazing Chinese culture? Their clothing is both ancient and modern and has varied by region and time. If you find their fashion style interesting, you will absolutely love this new photo editor. Έτσι, grab your smartphone and download free Chinese Dress Photo Montage app and enjoy the explosion of colors and styles. Retrieve any picture from your image gallery or capture a cool selfie and adjust photos in latest photo frames. Try all offered outfits, edit photos and enjoy the beauty of this traditional and trendy clothes. Chinese dresses were usually made of silk, cotton and linen. You will find all these materials with awesome patterns, such as floral and many more. Open the newest virtual fashion closet and check out the most beautiful collection of chinese costumes and gowns.
    The typical Chinese dress has straight collar, coiled buttons and slits on both sides and they are often made of brightly colored silk or satin with rich embroidery. This type of cloth is very popular in the world today. Adjust photos in latest photo suits and try white or blue short chinese dress above the knee and apply the hottest photo effects. Imagine yourself in front of the old temple or in the walk through the gardens full of colorful flowers and blossom trees. Using this Chinese Dress Photo Montage you can also write some lovely note or verse and add photo text on image. Surprise your sweetheart and show your romantic side. You will have original and unique souvenirs and greeting cards for anniversary or some other important date. Practice your photo editing skills and become a beautiful woman in yellow or violet chinese dress and do not forget a fan.
    Χαρακτηριστικά της εφαρμογής:
    Select a photo from your image gallery or take one with your phone’φωτογραφική μηχανή
    Adjust the image into a photo frame of your choice
    Rotate the picture, zoom in and zoom out for a perfect photo montage
    Add amazing photo effects and add photo text on image
    Save image and use it as wallpaper
     Μοιράσου με φίλους
    Chinese traditional wedding costumes vary in different dynasties and time periods. They are red most of the time, because this color was a symbol of happiness and joy. Dear girls, if you want to wear something new and different for your big day, then open this photo editor. Try gorgeous chinese dresses with pearls and feel like a princess. You will also find top hairstyles and other fashion accessories such as sparkling jewelry, παπούτσια, και τα λοιπά. Makeup your photographs in the best way and show your beauty. Thanks to this popular photo editor, you will create so realistic photo montages so everyone will be surprised with your appearance.
    Chinese Dress Photo Montage application will give you makeover you deserve, so adjust photographs in fascinating photo suits and be ready for the glory. Enjoy in photo editing, save your work of art, make your top photo gallery and set as photo widget. Improve collection of wallpapers for your smartphone and share creations on social networks. Cool Chinese Dress Photo Montage is perfect for girls and women of all ages, so do not hesitate anymore and try it as soon as possible. Meet one amazing culture with fascinating dresses and costumes and learn much more about their tradition. Find the style and color that will suit you the best, and you will not have any doubt what to wear for formal events or birthday parties. If you like to try out clothes from other cultures, do not hesitate, download Chinese Dress Photo Montage free of charge on your Androidand make your photographs more attractive.
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