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    Here we provide Indian Recipes Hindi offline V 1.0.2 για αντρόιντ 3.0++ Indian veg recipes in Hindi offline, Indian Veg Recipe Book. Now you can also become chef like Sanjeev Kapoor who cooks delicious recipes.
    Different types of recipes have been included like sweet dishes, χορτοφάγος, low calorie etc.
    Cooking procedure and ingredients of each recipe has been given.
    The ways of serving recipes and giving final touch to the recipe has also been described.
    Users can also share recipes through social networking application like Hike, WhatsApp, Line etc.
    Indian recipes for diabetes. Recipe from famous Indian chefs like tarla dalal, vikas khanna, madhur jaffrey, ranveer brar, atul kochhar, ritu dalmia, hari nayak, nita mehta, saransh goila, Nishamadhulika Recipes. Veg Recipes of India. Healthy recipes for weight loss, food recipes app.

    Search different types of cuisines like italian, μεξικάνικος, Ινδός, thai, κινέζικα, Ιαπωνικά, lebanese, ευρωπαϊκός, punjabi, Αμερικανός, Γερμανός, κορεάτης, gujarati, gujrati thali, marwari thali.

    Also includes north Indian recipes, south Indian recipes, Bengali recipes, maharashtrian recipes. Indian Recipes which includes Starters, Main Course, επιδόρπια, σνακ, Sweets in Hindi

    Hindi Recipes App have Categories which includes

    Nashta (Πρωινό)
    Paratha /Thalipeeth
    Fast Recipe in Hindi
    Chatani Recipes
    Achar Recipe
    Salad Recipe
    Ice Cream Recipe in Hindi
    Roti Recipe
    Sabji Recipe in Hindi
    Sambar Recipe
    Mithai Recipe in Hindi
    Festival in Hindi
    Baby food Recipes
    Gujarati Recipes
    Panjabhi Recipes
    South Indian Hindi Recipe
    Soup Recipes in Hindi
    Rice Recipes
    Papad Recipes
    – κέικ Συνταγές
    Rayata Recipes
    Sweet Recipes

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