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    Here we provide Mehndi Designs V 1.4 για αντρόιντ 3.0++ Mehndi Design Application contains the latest mehndi designs of 2016-2017. Mehndi holds a great deal of social criticalness in subcontinent traditions. Be it Weddings, Rasm e Hina, ηλεκτρονικών ταυτοτήτων, KARVA chauth ή άλλες γιορτές Mehndi θεωρείται σημαντικό μέρος. This app contains the new mehndi styles and mehndi deigns which you do not find anywhere. Μπορείτε να επιλέξετε οποιοδήποτε σχέδιο της επιλογής σας μεγεθύνετε για σαφή άποψη και να μοιραστούν αυτό το app με τους φίλους σας.

    It is safe to say that you are searching for latest mehndi designs ? Ναί. At that point you are at the correct spot we help you to find the latest features assemble the most beautiful and simple mehndi designs for youThe pattern of Henna is dependably on its top and women around each side of the world particularly from the Indo Pak subcontinent are quick to have mehandi staring them in the face and feet.It is considered as the core part of women fashion and is compulsory on events like weddings and EID.
    Among Indians Mehndi holds a significant spot as it is connected on Hands, feet and now and then on head hairs also on different religious occasions Holy and Janam Din. Henna act like a natural dye so old people used it on head hair for a younger look. The Henna application comprise of such excellent design & any one can apply them with less abilities.
    This app is designed with user friendly interface allowing user to navigate . User can see hundreds of Mehndi Images offline and free as well. There are multiple categories that are mentioned below.
    Αραβικά Mehndi Σχέδια: this category has images containing designs for Arabic henna so one can apply multi cultural patterns to their body.

    Pakistan and India people can use this mehndi app according to their culture. Download Free Mehndi Designs Book now and beautify your body with latest Designs Of Hina.
    When it comes to eid, young ladies search for best eid mehndi designs.Eid is the celebration for all and Mehndi is the significance of happiness and celebration. For eid or any celebration, Mehndi is very important for woman and girls. Lots of Mehndi ideas shared in this beautiful Eid Mehndi app. Nowadays Mehndi Designs are popular for their unique colors, designs and details. Eid Mehndi contains modern, traditional mehndi designs 2016 for hands, feets, λαιμός, τατουάζ. Heena Mehndi Designs Arabic style, Rajhistani style, Indian style, Pakistani style, Modern and traditional heena style with fashion. Full Hands and feets Heena Mehndi designs to neck and shoulder designs and Mehndi Tattoos also included in Eid Mehndi app.
    This application is best for young ladies who are recently going to wed. Πακιστανός, Arabic and Indian young ladies affection to make Henna plans on hands and other Asian nations young ladies adoration to make Tattoo outlines on body, πόδια , arms or feet. Mehndi Designs contain full simple and basic style plans of best Arab Mehndi Artists. So young ladies improve your magnificence with this excellent craft of mehndi.
    We hope all people like it vary much.. ευχαριστώ

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