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Μέγεθος:6.2 MB     Εκδοχή: 1.1.7     απαιτεί Android:4.0.3+
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    有中文语言吗 我看不懂英文 Here we provide New COC Base Designer V 1.1.7 για αντρόιντ 4.0.3++ COC Base Designer will help to create the best base layouts or maps for Clash of Clans Trophy Base Or War Base! Clash Base Designer contains strong COC war maps editor for Clash of Clans, Defensive trophy layouts and Strong resource clash base design.

    COC Base Designer shows the latest up-to-date base layouts(χάρτες). Most popular game Clash of Clans but warriors need struggle to create top townhall layouts for defense Gold, elixir and black elixir resources in loot base or collect 3* in war maps. For Higher townhall 9 to townhall 11 base designs, it took several hours to design a base which is disturbing.The clash ase designer will provide the latest bases, not only across the internet but also across actual clans. ΝΑΙ!

    The most exciting feature is, you can design your layouts from gallery photos and images. Έτσι, it is very easy to create or edit your base with favorite bases. You will be the best warrior in Clash of Clans If your base is strong for defense and attack both.So, Don't late, get the COC Base Designer now in your device.

    New bases will be added regularly, Our development and graphics team is working hard for our clients!

    Χαρακτηριστικά :
    Popular War base layouts Easily Copy within 5 προς την 10 λεπτά
    Copy bases of Friends, Clan mates, εχθρούς, or any coc maps you like
    Defensive Trophy base layout
    Strong Hybrid bases layout
    Can zoom in / out each layout
    Keep collection of favourite coc maps
    Can zoom in / out each layout and Control the transparency of the floating base window!
    Use the transparent base window as a glassy and just edit over it.
    -Unique User Interface
    New maps are added in collection frequently.

    *** More exciting features
    Clash base design, war base for COC, trophy push design, resource collect maps, Farming Base Editor, αποθηκεύσετε 3* from opponents, design maps which you like, share with your friends

    Learn How to use :
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    It is very helpful for me

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    New COC Base Designer 1.1.7 apk αρχείου  [ Ημερομηνία: 2017-09-16]

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