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suurus:27.0 MB     versioon: 13     Vajab Android:4.1+
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    Here we provide Hello dog of Neighbor V 13 Android 4.1++ You play the role of a man who had just relocated to the private sector and found that across the street from him lives quirky neighbor behaves very unfriendly and stabbed the door to the basement. Perhaps he's a maniac out there and keep someone's body?

    All kind this man makes it clear that for hiding its secrets, he is ready to fight by all available means. But this fact is hardly able to stop the overly curious protagonist.

    tegelikult, the gameplay in hello dog of neighbor Is a kind of a game of hide and seek. Your goal is to uncover all the secrets of his neighbor and not to fall into his eyes, and his taskto stop you. Let's say hello dog of neighbor! Edu!
    Install Hello dog of Neighbor now!

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    Hello dog of Neighbor 13 APK  [ kuupäev: 2017-01-30]

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