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suurus:3.2 MB     versioon: 3.2     Vajab Android:2.3.4+
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    Here we provide Photo Backgrounds V 3.2 Android 2.3.4++ Photo Backgrounds lets you remove cut photos from your photos and Place them against wide variety of Photo Backgrounds. You can Paste any number of photos on backgrounds to change the photo backgrounds.

    Photo Backgrounds mainly has 4 Parts:
    1. Cut Photo: Cut Photo using Advanced Cut Photo tool including Magnifying Glass support.
    2. Trim Edges: Advanced cut to trim the edges to improve Cut Photos.
    3. foto Taustad: Wide Variety of Photo Backgrounds include Nature Photo Backgrounds, Waterfall Photo Backgrounds, Forest Photo Backgrounds, Taj Mahal Photo Backgrounds. These are served from our server and are constantly new photos are added to each photo background category.
    4. Wallpapers and Backgrounds: Various categories of Photo Live Wallpapers are added. Wallpapers and backgrounds comes with Settings to chose which Photo Categories backgrounds to use as wallpapers, How frequently to change the Live wallpaper.

    Photo Backgrounds lets you change photos background to an exotic background. Advanced Photo Cut Paste Tools lets you extract Photos from existing photos without backgrounds so that you can change the backgrounds.

    Photo Backgrounds also provides Text on Pictures and Draw on Photo tools so that you can convey messages on Photos with backgrounds replaced.

    Wallpapers and Backgrounds support the following categories of Live wallpapers: Waterfall photo Backgrounds, Forest Taustad, Beach Backgrounds, Animals Live Wallpaper, Flowers Live Wallpaper, Mountains Live Wallpaper and more.

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    This is the best app and after upgrade this app i want to give 100Stars

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    foto Taustad 3.2 APK  [ kuupäev: 2017-01-29]

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