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Koko:6.0 MB     Versio: 3.0.7     vaatii Android:4.0+
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    Who ever made this app has made a good effort to make ppl recite Quran in their mobile . Here we provide Al-Quran (Vapaa) V 3.0.7 Androidille 4.0++ The Most Popular Quran Application that introduce all Islamic religion text with high smart book and local search engine, over than 10.000.000 käyttäjät,

    When you open first time the application contain index of the Qur'an (Holy Islamic text), in addition to smart access that enables access to the settings, tutkimus, ja “suosikkini”,

    When you tab at any Surah, the application will ask for the first time about the style of reading you prefer according to your convenience,

    When you tab the red shaded words, word meaning in the Koran appear to understanding and reading the Quran at once.

    The full text of the Qur'an provides memorization feature with two levels
    The 1st for Ayahat (verses) and 2nd for words with hearing the Ayahat (verses) to know the correct pronunciation of the Koran.

    Sometimes we find it difficult to search for a specific word Koran, Al-Quran (vapaa) provides a local search in addition to instant access to the selected result.

    The full text of the Qur'an provides memorization feature with two levels
    The 1st for Ayahat (verses) and 2nd for words with hearing the verses to know the correct pronunciation of the Koran

    A reader of any Qur'an application (religion Islamic text) from aged and children faces the small font size in the Koran and the applications that depends on images without zoom options , Al-Quran (vapaa) provides speed Increase font with 14 different degree without breach the words or close or crash the application.

    Post Ayahat (verses) and surahs on Facebook, twitter and whatever social networks become easier in Al-Quran (vapaa) by browsing the Surah then you can share the Ayah.

    Aavailable for all devices that are running Android until the last release without exception.

    The Quran is clear text and Othmani font like Madinah Mushaf.

    Synchronize voice, word by word with the following Qari and Imam
    Sheikh Imam: Maher AL Maaiqli
    Sheikh Imam: Abd El Baset Abd El Samad
    Sheikh Qari: Fares abbad
    Sheikh Imam: Mashari Rashed Alfassy
    Sheikh Imam: Abdul Rahman Al Sudais
    Sheikh Imam : Saad Ghamidi
    Sheikh Qari : Mahmoud Khalil Hosary
    Sheikh Imam : Ahmed Bin Aly Ajamy
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    The smallest i have seen so far, wish we have paid one with no ads

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    3.0.8Fix some problems on Android 6 and 7Restore feature memorization by typingSome enhancements

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    Al-Quran (Vapaa) 3.0.7 apk File  [ Treffi: 2017-04-21]

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