Cheat דרואיד ★ שורש רק V 2.3.1

Cheat דרואיד ★ שורש רק V 2.3.1 הורדת Apk[חופשי]

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גודל:5.4 MB     גִרְסָה: 2.3.1     דורש דְמוּי אָדָם:4.0+
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    Here we provide Cheat Droid ★ root only V 2.3.1 עבור Android 4.0++ חָשׁוּב: ROOT ACCESS NEEDED! (READ BELOW.)

    Cheat Droid is a developer's tool. You are a developer and want to debug the shared preferences of your apps and games? You care about data privacy and want to see, what apps save which information about you? You forgot your password in your own app or game and try to recover it? You are simply some sort of "hacker" and simply technically interested?

    Then give Cheat DroidShared Preferences Editor a try! Shared Preferences are the most common way for Android apps and games to store settings or information inside your phone data. לדוגמה, a puzzle game might store the current level inside this file. Or other games might store your money, gold count, highscore or whatever in it. Apps might track, how many times you started them. Or when was the last time.

    למרות זאת, please note the disclaimer below. Cheat Droid is rather adapted for technical, scientifical and debugging reasons.

    ★ נוף, לַעֲרוֹך, לְהוֹסִיף, search through and delete shared preferences
    export and import preference files
    browse through sqlite database files
    export and import any other application files (CheatDroidPRO only)
    edit sqlite database files (CheatDroidPRO only)


    What is root and why won't CheatDroid work without it?
    בעיקרון, root access provides your Android smartphone with admin privileges (including editing system files like CheatDroid does). לכן, you need a rooted phone for CheatDroid.

    For some apps I do not find a lot of Shared Preferences to edit, למה?
    Since no developer is forced to USE Shared Preferences, those apps might use another way to store their settings. CheatDroid does not work everywhere.

    How do I get my phone rooted?
    Check out the internet, you will definitely find enough material. לדוגמה, you could google "Rooting [your phone name+model]& Quot;. גַם, you might want to try out one of these links:

    הערות העורכים:

    זהו משחק טוב אבל לא יותר מדי ממכר, בהחלט שווה לנסות.

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    Cheat Droid ★ root only 2.3.1 קובץ APK  [ תַאֲרִיך: 2017-01-28]

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