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גודל:11.3 MB     גִרְסָה: 2.0.1     דורש דְמוּי אָדָם:4.0.3+
מְעוּדכָּן:    קטגוריה : מזון & לִשְׁתוֹת     מחיר:חופשי    על ידי:
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    Here we provide myTaste Recipes V 2.0.1 עבור Android 4.0.3++ By using myTaste you can find and save recipes from all of USAs food blogs and recipe websites in one single place! Create your own cookbooks so you can find your favorites quickly and easily on your smartphone no matter where you are just by using the app or by going to Discover cookbooks from other users and find out which recipes are the most popular right now!
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    myTaste Recipes 2.0.1 קובץ APK  [ תַאֲרִיך: 2017-01-24]

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