V SLR בות Pro 1.9.9

V SLR בות Pro 1.9.9 הורדת Apk[חופשי]

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גודל:5.8 MB     גִרְסָה: 1.9.9     דורש דְמוּי אָדָם:4.1+
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  • תיאורי

    The interface is OK but Had a bit of a hardware issue in the form of a delay between the camera and tablet. Posted the issue on the website, slightly annoying there isn’t an email address or slightly more private way to lodge issues, but either way I don’t appear to have had a reply and my comment has vanished from the site…. Somewhat disappointed from that point of view.

    Here we provide SLR Booth Pro V 1.9.9 עבור Android 4.1++ SLR Booth Pro is the ultimate Photo Booth solution.

    תכונות Pro:
    Attach your compatible Canon or Nikon DSLR camera to the USB-otg port on your Android device, and get professional image quality not available from your device's front-facing camera.
    The live preview screen with adjustable countdown means everyone is ready for the shot, and looking their best.
    Use custom templates with place holder auto-detectionno configuration files or specifying x/y coordinates required.
    Compatible with phones, טבליות, all-in-ones, and TV boxes.
    Chroma-Key background replacement.
    Share individual photos via Facebook, טוויטר, אֶלֶקטרוֹנִי.
    Your clients can send photos to their phones via QR code or SMSeven from devices without SIM cards.
    Print to AirPrint, ב- Google Cloud Print, or FTP enabled printers.
    Automatic uploads to a hosted, password-protected on-line gallery.
    Trigger via touch, bluetooth remote or USB foot pedal.
    Kiosk mode to customize interface during events

    Troubleshooting Help:
    Setting up all the required equipment for a booth can be tricky. Please see our website at http://www.apkbot.com

    הערות העורכים:

    This is great, תודה! Works pretty fine with my Asus Zenfone 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Canon 70D and Canon 600D. Haven't tried printing though. Hoping to see additional features and keep it up guys, you're doing great. תודה.

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    SLR Booth Pro 1.9.9 קובץ APK  [ תַאֲרִיך: 2017-01-29]

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