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サイズ:13.9 MB     バージョン: 2.1.223     必要です アンドロイド:4.0+
更新しました:    カテゴリー : メディア & ビデオ     価格:フリー    によって:
  • 説明

    After a latest update app stopped working. just closes with a error immidiately after start Here we provide DVB-T2 V 2.1.223 Android向け 4.0++ Enable high definitions TV experience in your smart phone.
    **This App must run with specific device**

    The key features include:
    • Support DVB-T2 digital TV, and can support high definition channel.
    • EPG
    • Channel Scan
    • Channel change
    • Channel list
    • Subtitle
    • Sound track selection (based on different Audio PID)
    • Power management

    • Thailand
    • Russia

    • OS: Android4.X
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    The app has a list of countries you must chose yours from. USA isn't on the list, so noway to move forward to scan for channels.


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    DVB-T2 2.1.223 APKファイル  [ 日付: 2017-09-16]
    DVB-T2 2.1.210 APKファイル  [ 日付: 2016-11-03]


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