Ninja Camera Editor V1.2

Ninja Camera Editor V1.2 Apk Download[フリー]

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サイズ:15.2 MB     バージョン: 1.2     必要です アンドロイド:3.0+
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  • 説明

    大好きです 😎 Here we provide Ninja Camera Editor V 1.2 Android向け 3.0++ This is Ninja Camera Editor
    Make yourself like a ninja to add ninja effects on your photo
    make friends amazed with your ninja photo,
    Similar as Ninja legend that has great strength
    app real ninja game is packed with realistic ninja cosplay

    Intruction :
    ★ Open image from gallery
    ★ Choose your favourite ninja mask, sharingan eye,ninja weapon,cosplay hairstyle,rasengan and much more
    ★ Drag it to your photo
    ★ You can resize and rotate it with multi touch
    ★ Preview your anime cosplay with click next button
    ★ Share your photo to your friends

    特徴 :
    ★ All ninja effects are in high quality (HD) 画像, make your ninja photo look real and nice
    ★ Upload photo from photo gallery
    ★ Save your photo to your Device
    ★ Share your cool photo on Facebok, IG, or other sosmed

    Have much fun and enjoy ninja camera editor! Thank you in advance for your good reviews
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