Rasta PlayerPro Skin V 4.1 Eggplant

Rasta PlayerPro Skin V 4.1 Eggplant Apk Download[フリー]

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サイズ:9.4 MB     バージョン: 4.1 Eggplant     必要です アンドロイド:3.0+
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  • 説明

    Here we provide Rasta PlayerPro Skin V 4.1 Eggplant for Android 3.0++ The "Rasta" skin for PlayerPro is just what you were looking for!

    Right now you have the chance to change your device's look into a admirable, fashionable oneall you have to do is get as soon as possible the "Rasta" PlayerPro theme and the features that it offersincluding mud brown accents and cool design.

    *** How to Apply this skin ***
    1. Open "Rasta" skin after installation
    2. Click the "Apply theme" ボタン

    The "Rasta" theme will direct you to download the right music player for free if it is not already installed on your device.

    Please don't forget to rate and comment. あなたのフィードバックは私達にとって貴重なものです.

    いずれかの問題がある場合はお知らせください. 下のコメント欄にあなたの問題を書きます.






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