Batmobile Flight Drift V 1.3

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크기:38.3 MB     번역: 1.3     필요 기계적 인조 인간:2.3.2+
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    Here we provide Batmobile Flight Drift V 1.3 안드로이드에 대한 2.3.2++ Drift making has never been this fun.A new 3D car racing mission.Enjoy an unorthodox game.
    With this new version of the batmobile will come back to live with you in

    3-dimensional models and more realistic physics effects are unusual with outstanding sound and image quality.
    The cars of the most perfect, extreme, 빠른, strong and durable in use super hero Batman batmobile do you want to drive a great car in the city?

    The only car not to use beech drift freely in the streets with the batmobile in the streets and you can do a simulation.Challenge yourself.

    The gas sensor brake buttons on the screen also, thanks to remove excessive entrained smoke burn rubber and play.You will love the sound of the exhaust from affecting your ears

    Not only 2 different car models with different a batmobile on the streets in the big city map is a game immersive Android.
    You can play the game only offline.And you can't play the online version you can play on your own.

    Use the batmobile with Batman will keep you entertained.The model in the big city will make driving enjoyable.
    Are you tired of other car racing games?
    Exciting game batman batmobile car begins to drift in flight.3-dimensional do the job yourself drift with batmobile racing.

    Exciting racing games with the highly acclaimed batmobile.A fantastic free car games.

    A simulation game is a combination of action and with different speed.You will play the game with joy.
    Apart from all these ramps in the city, drive fast and fly through buildings in the city.
    If you want your container is in port in the city you want to fly on.Type your name in the middle of the sea in the port of the magnificent ship.

    Hero Batman car batmobile with his lovely and beloved experience the difference.

    3 different map model.2 different batmobile car. One cab the other Jeep models.Big tires and you'll appreciate the fantastic display.We are confident that will be the best games of the year.

    All of the anger and speed of action. All you need to do free download of the game and start playing immediately.

    Thank you for supporting us by making a comment and stars in our games.

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