크리켓 T20 피버 3D V 1.0.77

크리켓 T20 피버 3D V 1.0.77 APK 다운로드[비어 있는]

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크기:16.3 MB     번역: 1.0.77     필요 기계적 인조 인간:2.3.2+
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    여기에서 우리는 크리켓 T20 피버 3D V를 제공 1.0.77 안드로이드에 대한 2.3.2++ Experience the best cricket game in full HD 3D graphics. You can play in a variety of modes including tournaments, 개의 ODI, T20 Matches and the exciting Powerplay style match.

    Full Game Features:
    Full 3D graphics with realistic animations and ball physics.
    A variety of MOCAP animations.
    Simple pick up and play controls for batting & bowling.
    Six eye-catching venues including Lords & Eden Gardens!
    Multiple game play modes that include Quick Match, ODI,Twenty 20 and the Trophy 2009!
    Introducing a new unique Power Play batting mode. Submit your score online and compare with friends!
    Eight world class international teams to choose from!
    TV Broadcast style cameras!
    Watch the cheerleaders dance to your shots and wickets!

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