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    It is not nice because any one can open Here we provide Gesture Lock Screen V 2.0.0 안드로이드에 대한 2.3.2++ ★ The gesture lock screen detects and matches every time the signature drawn on the lock screen with your signature created and saved by you as your lock screen password. You can draw and save anything like symbol of star, 심장, 삼각형, 광장, circle etc, or you can draw any numerical number or make a signature of your as your password.
    ★ Presentation gesture (디스플레이) App Lock for those who open their gesture silence preferred applications / them closing the boring password or any reason and for all those who want a certain creative application to close the application to start. With the finger gesture in a shortcut navigation (리핑) 하나 개의 프로그램에서 다른 제스처가 당기는 행 (운동) simply with a finger on your Android device.
    ★ You can pull and register (기록) 별의 상징으로 모든 제스처, 심장, 삼각형, 광장, 아치형의, 기타, 또는 당신은 수에게 카운터 등이 하나 모든 디지털 기술 또는 구독을 사용할 수 있습니다- 암호.

    ★★ Features of Gesture Lock Screen: ★★

    ✔ Use your saved gestures or signatures as your lock screen password.
    ✔ Enter recovery password or backup password to unlock (key lock) (gesture lock screen).
    ✔ Enter the password in the gesture lock screen to change gesture
    ✔ Edit Draw gesture on password (gesture lock screen).
    ✔ Customize the recovery password (4 에 8 자리 암호) in the gesture lock screen.
    ✔ Launched its application in the new track by drawing gesture on the screen
    ✔ Show app notifications on lock screen: 읽지 않은 메시지, 부재중 전화, 음악 플레이어, 경보
    ✔ Lock Set Default or background from mobile gallery on your screen.

    ★★ How to use Gesture Lock Screen ★★

    ✔ Install gesture lock screen on your phone
    ✔ Create your gesture (서명, 모양, letters or anything…) to unlock the phone.
    ✔ Enter your password (4 에 8 자리 암호) 보안을 위해.
    ✔ master password for security purpose

    ★★ Gesture Lock Screen is an amazing application, 그것은 무료입니다. Download gesture lock screen and draw to unlock your phone.

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    The app only works sometimes. The screen does not remain in lock condition all the times. Pls do the needful.

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