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    Here we provide Rakuga-cute -楽画cute- V 1.1.7 안드로이드에 대한 4.1++ Free definitive edition photo decoration app that counts 5 만 사용자!
    Updated to user-friendly, 귀엽다


    Raku-ga cuteis the tool of photo decoration produced by PURIKURA maker and the photo processing app for photo decoration.


    -Recommended features
    ・ 안드로이드와 호환 6, so you can decorate without sacrificing the resolution of your photos.
    Cute decoration tools produced by PURIKURA maker such as stamps, rolling stamps, framing, text input, 그리고 더!
    This photo decoration app features the largest variety of pens, such as neon, bordering, semi-transparent, 농담, patterned and pastel!
    You can write smoothly with these user-friendly pens.
    It has abeauty modewhitening the face color of your photos.
    It features a variety of effects for chic photo processing such as collage/ partial coloring/ mosaic etc.
    Stamps are easily movable using iPhone touch screen. You can also expand, shrink or rotate them.
    ・ 당신이 사용할 수있는 “뒤로” function without limitation.

    With this one app, you can enjoy a large variety of styles: PURIKURA style decoration, filter processing, one-shot photo decoration, photo collage, message card, blog photos.

    =Basic Functions

    -Graffiti Menu
    앨범: Create graffiti on a photo chosen from your Camera Roll.
    카메라: Create graffiti on a photo taken within the app.
    디자인: Choose a design and freely add graffiti.

    -Graffiti Tools
    필터, 펜, 우표, rolling stamps, framing, text input

    -Effect Tool
    Beauty mode: whiten the face color of photos
    콜라주: crop photos in cute shapes and paste them together
    Partial coloring: chic B&W photos only partially colored
    모자이크: add mosaic processing to whichever part of the photo you like

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    Why not pump up the cuteness with more decoration tools?


    Various items are yours for the taking! From the latest PURIKURA machines deco tools and items to the newHand-made collections”.

    / Standard Collection
    / Ribbon Collection
    / Heart Collection
    / Alphabet Collection
    / Alphabet Collection 2
    / Collage Collection
    / Blog Collection
    / Sweet Collection
    / Color Block collection
    / Hand-made collection

    -Get full Collections and enjoy more than 3,000 도구!
    -Various Pen tools! 네온, Outline, Translucent, Shade and Decorative. It provides the largest number of tools of all graffiti applications!

    We will continue releasing a variety of collections.


    The language of the application is English.
    While it is launching, “?" will appear on the below right of the screen. 프레스 “?" and you can check how to use this application on the website.

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