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    Here we provide Did You Know? V 2.0.1 untuk Android 4.4++ *New Facts Every Week*!

    Awak boleh’t live a day without learning something new? “Adakah kamu tahu” is exactly the app for you! Receive a daily portion of the most interesting facts with “Adakah kamu tahu”. Stay updated with amazing stories and share what you found out with friends! They cant even imagine all these fact are true! “Adakah kamu tahu” has enough stuff to surprise anyone! Adakah kamu tahu?

    Interesting facts about our world.

    Adakah kamu tahu – August has the highest percentage of births
    Adakah kamu tahu – unless food is mixed with saliva you can't taste it
    Adakah kamu tahu – the average person falls asleep in 7 minit
    Adakah kamu tahu – a bear has 42 gigi
    Adakah kamu tahu – the best app

    “Adakah kamu tahu” will turn your idea of the world upside down. Satisfy your curiosity by simply downloading “Adakah kamu tahu”! Erudition and wit are always appreciated. “Adakah kamu tahu” is your go-to app for interesting and astonishing facts that will knock out anyone in a conversation. “Adakah kamu tahu” gives you knowledge, food for reflection, useful facts to win any argument and enough astonishment to make your day.
    Hurry up to download free “Adakah kamu tahu”!

    Application Did You knowit is an amazing stories of facts.
    Here you can find different categories which contain many facts.
    Facts and categories are updated several times per week, so you can find, and read more and more interesting facts

    Have you ever think about how many bones in the human head?

    How Much Chocolate Should You Eat?

    Are you left-handed?
    Adakah kamu tahu – 11% of people are left handed

    If you have a suggestion for the development of the appemail me [e-mel dilindungi]

    jika terdapat sebarang masalah sila maklumkan kepada kami. Tulis masalah anda dalam kotak komen di bawah.

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