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saiz:9.4 MB     versi: 16.8     Memerlukan Android:4.0.3+
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    Here we provide MrDewsis Food&Grocery Delivery V 16.8 untuk Android 4.0.3++ TRUSTED BY 10K+ CUSTOMERS in ALLAHABAD

    Free Home Delivery
    No Minimum Order
    Delivery in 2 Jam
    Delivery All across Allahabad


    dengan lebih daripada 5,000 products and 1000+ brands in our catalogue you will find everything you are looking for. You can now do your grocery shopping online in a few clicks of a button! The app is designed from the ground up to make it easy to shop for groceries online and at the same time discover great promotions, offers and exciting new products.

    Jika awak’re in a hurry, then MrDewsis is the best option for you. Late delivery, cold food, no change, low quantity, or same old Dal or Pizzawe wanted to solve this madness for you. So we built a whole new App for you that is a single point to order all your food – sarapan, Brunch, makan tengah hari, makan malam, Desserts, Starters. bila-bila masa, any craving, Any Food, MrDewsis finds a solution for you. Just grab your mobile, place your order and get piping hot food delivered. With our army of delivery boys, we ensure that food once ordered through the App, is quickly delivered to you within an assured time.
    We assures delivery under 1 hour at a flat discount of 20% and no delivery charges.
    We have a simple two step ordering process to place an order
    1. Use the app & Select what you want to Order.
    2. Get your Order in under an hour with a flat 20% discount.
    Start using our App and Banaeinapni life easy!

    jika terdapat sebarang masalah sila maklumkan kepada kami. Tulis masalah anda dalam kotak komen di bawah.

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