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    This is really cool .. It was better than what app I’ve used before Here we provide Nature Photo Frames V 3.1 untuk Android 2.3.4++ Nature frames to decorate your Photo with awesome Mountains, hutan, Rivers and Pure Nature Themed Photo frames.

    We acquired license to some of the greatest nature photos to create Best Nature Photo frames and mixed the frames with our advanced photo editing tools to bring best Nature frames application.

    Nature Photo Frames with Advanced Photo Editor Tools:

    1. Nature Photo Frames.
    yang) Nature Photo Frames include 40 Nature Backgrounds that we licensed from Photographers.
    b) Photos in multiple shapes can be embedded in frames including Love themed, Circular Photos, Star shaped Photos, Rectangular photos.
    c) Write on Photo frames with Text on Photo feature.
    d) Draw free hand on photo frame created with our Draw on Photo tools.
    e) Add Photo stickers in various Photo Stickers categories.
    f) You can chose one of our Nature Backgrounds or Search web for the Nature backgrounds including Mountain Backgrounds, Wild Animal Backgrounds and Beach Backgrounds.
    g) Save created frames to Photo Gallery.

    2. Nature Photo Collages.
    yang) Nature Collages comes in 40 different Nature Photo Backgrounds.
    b) You can Embed Photos in Nature collages in various photo shapes.
    c) Draw on Nature Photo collages using our advanced drawing tools.
    d) Add Stickers from 500+ of our photo stickers on your Photo collages.
    e) Add Text on Photo Collages using our advanced Text editor with Custom Text Fonts, Text Shaders.
    f) You can chose one of our Nature Backgrounds or Search web for the Nature backgrounds including Forest Backgrounds, Flower Backgrounds and Beach Backgrounds.
    g) Save the Photo collages to Photo Gallery.

    3) Cut Paste Photos on Nature Photo Backgrounds.
    yang) Cut your photo that you want to embed over Nature Photo backgrounds.
    b) Using advanced Trim, cut the edges of cut photos and make them look perfect.
    c) Paste Cut photos over Nature backgrounds.
    d) You can chose one of our Nature Backgrounds or Search web for the Nature backgrounds including Spring Season Backgrounds, Fall Season Backgrounds and Beach Backgrounds.
    e) Save the cut paste photos to your Gallery.

    4) Nature Live Wallpapers
    yang) Nature Live wallpapers keeps rotating Nature Photos and Nature backgrounds as your live wallpapers.
    b) You can chose how often to change your Live wallpaper photos.

    Create Awesome photos with Nature Backgrounds, Nature Collages and Nature Frames with Nature Photo Frames.

    jika terdapat sebarang masalah sila maklumkan kepada kami. Tulis masalah anda dalam kotak komen di bawah.

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    Apa yang baru

    New Additions: 1. Cut and Paste Photos on Nature Background. 2. Nature Collages for your photos. 3. Nature Live Wallpapers to decorate your wallpaper. 4. Reduced App size for Faster download. 5. Updated Libraries.

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    Nature Photo Frames 3.1 apk Fail  [ Tarikh: 2017-01-29]

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