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    Narito kami ay nagbibigay lifely V 1.0.13 para sa Android 4.1++ The latest trends in fashion, the best new tasty recipes, great ideas for your home, or inspiration for a better life is just a touch away with Lifely.

    Watch fun new videos about fashion, see pictures from the best kept vacation secrets, read articles about great DIY projects for your home and office, even get tips about dating, seks, pagiging magulang, nagluluto, kaangkupan, shopping, makeup and everything in between.

    Lifely brings such great content and features like:

    modaWith Lifely you can find the newest and hippest fashion trends for a range of styles and budgets. Just find the content you like, start the Genius Playlist and be introduced to what you need to create your own, kasindak-sindak, estilo.

    PagkainGet healthy, or don’t, with the best newest, or oldest, recipes in Lifely. We bring the greatest in recipes, food news and cooking supplies straight to you so you can find exactly what you want to eat, when you want to eat it. Come get cooking with us!

    kaangkupanGet in shape with Lifely as we offer up the best exercises and latest fitness trends to fit any lifestyle. If you want to get buff, get that beach bod you’ve palaging pinaghahanap, or simply want to do some calisthenics after work, Lifely has got you covered with the best work outs and fitness routines..

    Morning and Night PostsEvery morning and every night we add great new posts about fitness, magkasundo, pagiging magulang, shopping and more, handpicked by our awesome team of editors. Many of these posts you will only find in our app!

    Genius PlaylistIf you find a great post that you love you can turn on the Genius Playlist which will find more similar content for you so you dont have to waste time searching for what you love. So keep finding that great cooking content you love, or more makeup tutorials, even great deals on shopping and new work out routines.

    Be an AdvisorLove to make videos about fashion, pagkain, kaangkupan, shopping, or anything else? Well with Lifely you can submit your own video content to us and become a Star! Share your videos with the world. The best part about this, we spread the love right back to you by offering a host of great benefits to you if we use your video.

    Various TopicsLifely includes a ton of different content from a variety of topics like Fashion, Pagkain, kaangkupan, Aliwan, Shopping, Magkasundo, Parenting, and Inspirational content to inspire a unique you.

    Lifely is your go to lifestyle app for everything from new work outs to tone up, new fashion styles to check out, new recipes to try, shopping deals to grab, and even parenting tips. All of this awesomeness comes to you in a little 8MB package, so we wont overload your memory or mess with performance.

    We love life, and we love Lifely just as much; we poured our hearts and souls into this! So if you ever need to ask a question, voice a concern, or just want to say hey, please contact us and we will back to super quick, nangangako namin.
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