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尺寸:12.0 MB     版:     需要 Android版:4.4+
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    Here we provide Bonfire Photo Editor Pro V 为Android 4.4++ Bonfire Photo Editor is a professional photo editor providing stunning effects. It enables you to improve your photos in a real-time way. It also provides quite user-friendly interface to adjust the filters.


    ♥ 110+ Unique Effects/Filters, never out of options

    Best photography app for professional/casual use, selfie and landscape photos

    Optimized with artificial intelligence algorithm
    All filters/effects are refined with machine deep learning methods, and optimized for human vision. The results are eye-pleasing and natural

    Remove Blemish automatically and instantly, powerful selfie makeup
    Bonfire knows where is blemish and removes it for you, only one tap! No need to deal with another beauty retouch app. Avoid tedious face finger painting work. Killer of blemish

    Smart skin-whitening technology, best for makeover
    Smooth the skin instantly. Smartly improves skin complexion and makes your skin glow. Convert any selfie into a fashion magazine cover photo

    Excellent black and white HDR filter, and various tone filters
    Black and White HDR filter and 16 different tone filters. Specially optimized for human face. Brilliant old photo effects. Tone filters change the vibe of photo and make your photos moody, sentimental, and nostalgic

    Unique Funk filters, turn you into a comic star
    Only available in Bonfire, Funk filters make you a Sin City character instantly. Mess with colors and offer great and extreme results

    Interesting magnifying glass filters, easily make blurry face
    Very cool and funny lens effects. Highlight the subject of your pictures with different choices

    Pop art filters, including comic and pointillism photo effects

    Magic "Fancy" 影响
    Innovative Fancy effect turn your photo into a fancy watercolor fairy scene.

    Artistic painting effects, your digital photo painter
    最好的, most realistic and fastest artistic painting effects in the world. Beating any similar filters in any other software including desktop platform. Bonfire learns from great masters' paintings and paints like a real painter. Different styles including impressionist painting, surrealism painting, abstract painting, and oil painting photo effects. Automatically create photo paintings from photos instantly. Add a sense of Renaissance and Old Master into your photo. Immortalize your photo from living into a timeless masterpiece. Best buddy for painters, photographers and hobbyists. You can adjust the brush stroke and canvas of the painting. Be Da Vinci, 伦勃朗, 维米尔, Turner, 梵高, 莫奈, Munch, Dali now and find your inner Picasso with these filters. Bonfire could become an art game if you like to try

    Share photos with friends via social networks including Instagram, Facebook的, 推特, WhatsApp的, 微信, DropBox的

    No-cropping : Post full sized photo to Instagram

    ♥ 放大, zoom out and move the photo on screen

    Compare preview with original photo conveniently

    ♥ 旋转, 翻动, vibrance, 温度, 强调, 阴影, RGB adjusting, 亮度, 对比, saturation tools. Enhance your photo and have a natural result

    High resolution support including HD, Full HD, UHD 4K(4096 X 4096) output, 取决于 7200 X 7200 output. Adequate for professional use like printing and big screen/cinema

    Relinquish the power of the latest graphics technology. Bonfire uses OpenGL ES 3.0 to accelerate the image processing algorithms. You device works like a super computer with parallel computing in Bonfire

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