Bacon May Die – Fun Run And Gun Fighting Game V1.0.44

Bacon May Die – Fun Run And Gun Fighting Game V1.0.44 Apk Download [Free]

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Size:15.6 MB     Version: 1.0.44     Requires Android:2.3.2
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  • Descriptions

    It’s awesome make a number 2 Here we provide Bacon May Die – Fun Run And Gun Fighting Game V 1.0.44 for Android 2.3.2++ Bacon May Die is a fast paced 2D fighting and shooting game in which angry pig Bacon must brawl with army of bacon hungry zombie bunnies and kill hordes of monsters, survive boss fights and unlock tons of weapons and outfits!

    From the developer of Iron Snout comes an action packed 2D sidescroller fighting game with responsive thumb combat controls, 100 unlockable outfits and weapons, boss fights, charming cartoon graphics and smooth run and gun game play.

    Get your fingers ready for action!

    🔥 BATTLE armies of monsters
    🔥 ENDURE challenging boss fights
    🔥 UNLOCK 100+ funny outfits and crazy weapons
    🔥 HIJACK enemy vehicles
    🔥 USE variety of melee weapons and powerful guns
    🔥 ENJOY fun run and gun gameplay

    Smooth and responsive controls
    Wiggle your thumbs to warm them up for a smooth swipe fighting controls, where quick taps will make our tiny pig hero swing its weapon, swipes will initiate dodging, jumping and rolling moves and holding touch longer will switch to ranged attack mode with a cool movie-like slow motion effects. These simple thumb fight controls are very easy to learn and you’ll be doing deadly combos with bad piggy fighter in no time!

    Fight zombies, monsters and skeletons
    The sidescrolling road to survival is full of bad and dangerous creatures, which will stand in a way of our angry fighter piggy and must be destroyed. In forest arena our deadly killer ninja pig will face mutated zombie bunnies, bunny bandits, bombers, rocket shooting enemies and brawl with hog fighters. Rush through darkest dungeon which is crawling with spooky skeleton swordsmen, bone throwers and other deadly monsters.

    100+ items to unlock
    Bacon May Die, fun 2D brawl game, brings a huge variety of items to reward your survival skills and piggy kung fu mastery! Earn coins by fighting monsters and you will be able to unlock funny outfits to dress up your angry pig as famous game or movie characters.

    Huge variety of weapons is available to aid your angry piggy hero! Run and gun game wouldn’t be achieve without the gun shooting part, so you can unlock and use such ranged weapons as pistol, revolver, UZI, machine gun, rocket launcher, shotgun, ninja stars and even a bee launcher! If you prefer mortal close combat, then there’s a big selection of deadly melee weapons for you to swing around: baseball bat, sword, scythe, guitar, chainsaw, katana, pan of bacon and other useful zombie fighting tools to power up your bad piggy ninja!

    Fun little things
    There are many secret mechanics In this pig survival game – you can hire a chicken to be your follower pet and fight by your side, hijack enemy plane and pilot it around the arena shooting rockets or just knock back projectiles back at your foes! Latest update added a medic NPC, which will provide healing and super powers to boost your angry piglet figher!

    Bacon May Die gameplay is inspired by legendary 2D sidescroller Golden Axe, popular brawler Castle Crashers and combo-based action from Devil May Cry series, where game title is from!

    More to come!
    This fun beat em up sidescroller game is under active development, so you can expect more arenas, deadly boss fights, enemy monsters and weapons added in the future. Don’t hesitate to use in-game feedback function and send your crazy ideas – all of them will be considered!

    If you’re looking for more action packed free fighting games for boys check out my other projects like fighting game Iron Snout or jetpack shooter Cave Blast.


    Editors Notes:

    I love this game. the only thing that could make it better is if you added upgrades for the pig dude. somthing like damage, health, attack speed, movement speed, ect. that would be awsome. this game has loads of awsome potential.

    What's new

    BIG PERFORMANCE improvements and stability tweaks!Settings: fill ground- disable "fill ground" to improve performanceSettings: alternative UI drawing- toggle to see which setting is better in your deviceLet me know if this update made the game run better!More content SOON!

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