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Size:246KB     Version: V1.2.6     Requires Android:2.3
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  • Descriptions

    ClockSync synchronizes device system clock with atomic time from Internet via NTP (Network Time Protocol).
    Useful if provider doesn’t support NITZ, sends incorrect time or if your device/ROM has heavy clock drift.

    There are 2 modes: automatic for root users and assisted manual mode for users without root (rootless mode).

    Rootless mode features:
    – automatic atomic time retrieval with configurable interval
    – notification when offset exceeds user set threshold
    – assisted manual synchronization with the hint what time/date to set
    – precision between 1 and 30 seconds (because Android doesn’t allow to set seconds)
    – 1 second precision if your device resets seconds on Set (most Samsung and some HTC devices)
    – Greenwich Time Signal assisted sync if device resets seconds

    Root mode features:
    – automatic sync with configurable interval
    – accuracy is ~1-20ms depending on your connection and NTP server
    – statistics (average drift per day, total time corrected)

    Other features:
    – customizable NTP/SNTP server and timeout
    – displays current date or time since last sync
    – NTP server details dialog
    – 3 color schemes (dark, light, default)
    – 12-hour or 24-hour clock format
    – time zone detection and adjustment based on geo location
    – system time zone override with custom offset
    – time zone management based on latest Olson tz database (zoneinfo)
    – optional haptic feedback and sync notification
    – clean and easy to use interface (tap screen values or use menu)

    Root is required because of Android security restrictions (user apps cannot set time).

    Editors Notes:

    For people who are Obsessive Compulsive or those who just wants precise clock, this app is the best for you.

    What's new

    - support for Android 6 Marshmallow (if you get incorrect time after sync, remove 'date' applet from BusyBox) - fixed old icon for some resolutions

    History Version

    ClockSync V1.2.6 Apk File  [ Date: 2016-06-08]

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