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    Here we provide Hand Lettering Design V 1.2 for Android 2.3.2++ Departing from a few questions, "whether hand lettering it?" "What is the difference between hand lettering and typography?" "Why are the two subjects are often linked?" "Is the hand lettering and typography once were lovers with a myriad of stories of the past and then make they are often in the connection between up to now? "

    "Lettering can simply be defined as" the art of drawing letters ". Had such that I get the sense that in the article I read. "Lettering is the art of drawing letters." Yep, drawing. I am happy to draw. Previously I often draw a human face. The letter went on to become the object of my favorites for a drawn-started from the curious mingled awe every time I see the works of visual form of hand lettering. I am always curious whenever see people able to do something.

    My understanding of both areas to the extent that hand lettering is a masterpiece of design that uses letters as the main element that is fully drawn manually by hand, while the typography-as well as the work of hand lettering-he uses the letter as the main element, but the difference lies in medium used, namely digital software. Correct me if i'm wrong.

    Inspiration always comes at the place and time of the unexpected. Often inspiration in making hand lettering appears when I see these kinds of font on a banner or billboard in the street. Last time I gain inspiration from the sky idea to draw the letter is from the writings of cereal Starts logo which then gave me a new reference in making the work of hand lettering.

    So, how do we get started?
    The first thing that struck me the most important thing to do before a fight with paper, pencil and his friends are often 'see'. Expand the reference with a walk (maybe more precisely by driving though not tired, sis) to find a sample typography and hand lettering. The types of letters are always exist everywhere in every corner of the city.

    With the increasing number of references, it is easier to learn the letter forms.
    One should keep in mind, look for references and inspirations are important, but much more important to start the actual work, namely drawing, as soon as possible.

    1. Draw an outline.
    Like kebaya, Outline is a draft image created by the designer before being taken to the tailor. Okay, I also do not understand what are these related kebaya. Moreover, the same tailor.
    In making hand lettering, word for word placement should always be considered. Therefore, we first use a pencil in anticipation of an error scratches. The slightest mistake we make will affect the final result. Some things to consider for example the distance between the letter to letter and word to word that should always be consistent, harmonious typeface, style used, as well as ornaments were added. If it does not looks right, erase it. Before you move on to the next step.

    2. Fill the outline with courage and heart-Heart
    Use drawing pens for these parts. As I said before, just a little mistake we make will give a big influence on the final result. In this section, thoroughness and caution is the key factor. Emphasis on paper will greatly affect the results. Few there is nothing wrong or the thickness of the line, will be very visible. Like the proverb, because a drop of indigo, broken milk pot. Because one speck line, it would just be dropped.

     3. Finishing Touch
    In this section we can add texture in the letter by letter with as they pleased, but remained at a consistent style on one typeface That's what the outline before we make-to help and make us more determined to carve a pen drawing on it.

    if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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