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  • Descriptions

    Little Empire is a real-time strategy and management game where you have to build your own miniature empire, create an army to defend it, and even attack other rivals to earn more wealth.

    Little Empire is divided into two very different parts. In the first part, you have to manage your empire: you can build different buildings, recruit up to twelve different types of army units, or manage your hero. The buildings that you can construct include military barracks, gold mines, stores, and more.

    The second part of Little Empire is that part where you have to put your army to the test. You have to lead your army and your hero against the enemy. Your job consists of deploying your troops and using spells, which can help make the battle go your way.

    What we have here is one of the most complete management MMO games on the market so far. We got pleasantly surprised since our first try. In the beginning it seems like another management game but the more we play, the clearer we see it overtakes most of the similar titles on the market. Let’s zoom in the reasons.

    First off, you start with a small piece of soil with a castle and just a few facilities and inhabitants. Your first task will be buildings barracks for training army units as well as settle mines, farms and other resources to provide yourself with the basic stuff to evolve in that magic world.

    Your purpose is to collect gold, crystals, potions that will allow you to level up and, in consequence, put your empire in the growth mood. To achieve it, you will have also to complete some quests, most of them battles against CPU or even against real players. Actually, that will boost your collecting of resources. However, watch out: check the level of your real-players opponents before trying to beat them or you will lose your units and goods.

    Besides fighting and building you can gamble your money or MOJO points at the casino to expand your bankroll. Thus, no matter the way you reach it: collecting, fighting, gambling or even trading… the final goal is to drive your name until the TOP of the online leaderboards. In order to see how other players achieved it, you can visit the cities of other real players. You can also add friends, message or even attack them.

    Its 3D graphics are great, specially because it doesn’t provoke any lag. It runs smoothly. Actually the graphics are a bit kid-friendly, although the game is truly for all audience. That’s precisely the theme of the game: little settlers aiming to become a huge empire.

    We can just add that this is another great title launched by Camel Games, and they already have lots of them. Sincerely recommendable to give it a go.

    Editors Notes:

    Little Empire is a lovely, enjoyable strategy game. In addition to having addictive mechanics, it has outstanding visuals and the esthetics will delight both children and adults.

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    What's new

    - Our All-new 4 Year Anniversary celebration update is going live. - All-new Dark Lair Daily Rankings and Weekly Rankings. - Hero Equip and Skill Inventory have been expanded from 5 pages to 10. - Squashed the Magic Bond bug. - Some Hero Skill level caps raised from Lv 7 to LV 8 - Treasures can be upgraded to Lv 3. - Adjust banlance of some units.

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