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  • Descriptions

    Mission of Crisis is a third person action game in which you command a battalion of charming animal soldiers that will have to penetrate the jungle and other dangerous scenarios to complete some of the wildest missions ever.

    The gameplay is is very simple and fun: you indicate with your finger where you want your troops to move, and likewise you indicate where you want them to shoot, allowing you to barrage your enemies.

    The game comes with a handful of different missions in which you can show off all the new skills your troops have acquired, which will greatly improve with time and experience.

    Visually, Mission Of Crisis is outstanding, as it has a gorgeous character design and color palette, which makes up for its simple graphics.

    Escalation in the arms race between dogs and cats has reached a new whole level when zombie (yes, you have read it right: what will become of us?), zombie cats have invaded Muttland or wherever and you and your elite special ops ranger team must eliminate the threat before there are no more bones to bury left and land be covered by a thick layer of zombie cat hairballs.

    In order to do so, you command a team of four trained (tamed?) dogs, each one with its unique specialization. Matt is the rambo-like leader armed with a M16 and Angie is a deadly sniper, to name the first two. Gameplay is as easy as tap to wherever you want to move the active character and tap on a foe to attack him. When not targeting any, they will attack the closest enemy in range. You can interact with items, namely exploding barrels and exploding stuff.

    game can be played in three difficulty levels. The easiest one is pretty challenging, the higher two are only feasible once you get upgraded equipment. A three star rating and tactical freedom guarantees a more than nice level of replayability, not to mention online arena mode. Graphics are cool, though we’d like spectacular cutscenes or additional artwork and characters. Music is outstanding and, overall, it’s quite a piece of game. Free, ad-supported.

    Editors Notes:

    Mission Of Crisis is a great action game that, despite having simple mechanics, becomes very addictive and offers tons of hours of gameplay in its long one-player campaign.

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    What's new

    1. Updated payment SDK. 2. Adjusted stage difficulty and game values. 3. Newly added way of getting free gems.

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