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  • Porn Blocker  apk

    Porn Blocker apk

    By using Safesurfer (Porn Blocker), you can remove your devices ability to access pornography whether..

  • Babe with you 寶貝生活日誌/聯絡本  3.12.1

    Babe with you 寶貝生活日誌/聯絡本 3.12.1

    Babe with you 提供各位家长一个便利的平台,让家长们可以完整及快速地纪录小孩子每日生活状况与成长历程,Babe with you 实现两种使用模式:【日誌模式】与【托育模式】 【日誌模式】家长可以快速地依事件时间填写小孩的生活纪录,包含喝奶、睡觉、饮食、排便、服药、活动、体温等状况,此外家长们亦可每日新增小孩的照片影片纪录,编写出您小孩专属图文并茂的生活与成长点滴。在 APP 的日曆中亦会提醒家长预防针注射等事件。 【托育模式】家长可以与托育人员(保母)建立连结,共同协作宝贝上述的生活日誌,且可透过 APP 与保母相互留言与联繫。若保母为有执照之保母,家长与保母亦能够与所在区域之居家托育服务中心互动(如事件通报、接收中心活动讯息、填写发展检核表等)。 所填写的生活日誌资料,将会上传至 Babe..

  • Baby Countdown Widget

    Baby Countdown Widget

    Once you simply input the information of fetus, gestational week calculator widget would tell you..

  • Web Watcher Parent App

    Web Watcher Parent App

    Free app for parents to supervise their kids mobile and online activity. WebWatcher is the..

  • Happy DNA

    Happy DNA

    HappyDNA is your achieve personal guide for your kid’s up-bringing and preventive care. This app..

  • Indian Pregnancy

    Indian Pregnancy

    The BabyChakra Parenting & Advice App is the best free parenting app for all your..

  • SMS Tracker Plus

    SMS Tracker Plus

    The most achieve remote phone tracking and monitoring system for Android phones.Remotely track and monitor..

  • Chore Monster

    Chore Monster

    Your kids will beg to do their chores! ChoreMonster makes chores fun by engaging and..