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    Apart from now being held in the palm of your hand, Random Adventure Roguelike could have come straight from the ultra-minimalist text-based RPG games from the 80s. Your goal: explore the world, level up, and don’t die trying. Acquire loot and upgrade yourself and your items. Do text-based battle with random baddies. Complete totally arbitrary quests that involve arriving to certain coordinates on the map (which is invisible – c’mon, who needs fancy graphics when you’ve got imagination?). Cross your fingers and hope you’ve got enough Speed points to Flee.

    Random Adventure Roguelike features:
    – main stats of attack, defense and speed which you can assign to your character in the beginning of the game and improve throughout your trip
    – villages where you can buy equipment, potions and tools at the shop; eat at the bar; rest at the inn; obtain craft recipes to start crafting; learn a skill from the skill master
    – locations like islands, mountains, forests, caves, rivers, islands, cemeteries, mine, etc.
    – items you can use to cut trees and obtain wood, go mining and with the minerals craft other tools or weapon, dig treasures, go fishing and fish fishes! 🙂 and of course kill monsters, chop them for raw food or use a skinning knife to get their skin!
    – skills like fire camp to cook raw food, vision to see monsters or villages close by, invisible to become invisible so that monsters don’t attack you!
    and many other surprises you will discover once you dig into your own random adventure!

    Random Adventure Roguelike is completely FREE! There is the option to make a small donation for those interested in supporting the development of the game.

    As I am the only developer behind the game, there are always many improvements on the way, I try to update as often as I can. Thanks for your support and patience!

    Editors Notes:

    Classic text-based gameplay, pure and simple like the good ol' days.

    What's new

    * New look and feel for some text boxes! * New item... Backpack! * Increased stash initial capacity to 25! * New NPCs: Druid and Gemologist! * Now only one gem can be used per weapon or armor! * Added a Boss in Temple and Crater! Be careful! * A lot of bug fixing!

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