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  • Descriptions

    Scientific Calculator Free is a powerful and comprehensive calculator that can help you solve both simple and advanced math operations.

    With this tool, you can create colorful graphs, work with fractions, exponents, polynomial linear equations, statistics, hexadecimal operations, binary numbers, functions, or any other operation you can solve with a regular graphing calculator. Enter the data, and let Scientific Calculator Free do the work.

    Features include:

    * All Trigonometric operations (radians, degrees or gradients)
    * Powers & Roots
    * Logs and Antilogs
    * Factorial, Modulus & Random Numbers functions
    * HCF, LCM, Prime factorization
    * Pol() & Rec() Functions
    * Permutations (nPr) and Combinations (nCr)
    * Statistics
    * Fractions Mode
    * A wide range of conversion categories and constants
    * 20 Memory Registers in each of the calculation modes
    * Detailed calculation history
    * Extensive Help and Reference
    * Highly customizable via the Settings

    The reference section includes:

    * Physical Laws
    * Names in the Metric System
    * Mathematical Tables
    * Elementary & Linear Algebra
    * Trigonometric Identities
    * Differentiation & Integration Rules
    * Statistics Formulas
    * Vector Mathematics
    * ASCII, Fractional Bits, Roman Numeral & Number Base Converters
    * pH, Interpolation, Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage, Proportion & Molecular Weight Calculators
    * Sigma & Pi Notation
    * Balancing Chemical Equations

    The best thing about this app is that its interface is designed to look like a real calculator, making it intuitive to use. Apart from that, it lets you use several colors that you can change as you like, helping you solve your math problems visually. Use Scientific Calculator Free to help you solve problems in arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, or calculus. Never worry about forgetting your calculator ever again.

    Editors Notes:

    Really good for my every day work. Have used it almost every hour of the day.

    What's new

    * added an option "Automatic Backup" in the Settings - please see the topic "Automatic Backup" in the Help Section for details * added a choice, "Enter Color Value Manually", when editing a Custom Layout * trig setting (radians, degrees or gradients) is now recorded when creating (or editing) a Custom Formula * bug fixes

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