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  • Descriptions

    When you are in the theater, in a meeting the phone silent mode, the application after a set period of time to help you automatically return to normal ringing state.

    Disable Doze Mode for Shush on Marshmallow
    Android 6 (Marshmallow) has a battery-saving feature called Doze Mode which prevents apps from receiving alarms when the device is idle for a period of time. If Shush can’t receive its alarm, it can’t restore the volume at the requested time. To resolve this, exclude Shush from Doze Mode. See for details.

    Why does Shush! ask for camera permission?
    Many camera apps silence the ringer during video recording, and it’s disruptive for the Shush dialog to pop up at that time. Therefore, when Shush detects that the ringer has been silenced, it checks whether the phone’s camera is currently in use; if so, it does not display its dialog. In order to perform this check, it needs permission to access the camera.

    Got Problems?
    • If Shush doesn’t pop up automatically, try rebooting. If you uninstall/reinstall, launch it manually from the app drawer once first.
    • On Huawei devices, there is a “protected apps” feature which requires the user to select the apps which are allowed to run while while the screen is off. If Shush is not allowed to run, it can’t restore the volume at the requested time if the screen is off at that time. Go to Settings -> Advanced settings -> Battery Manager -> Protected apps
    • On Asus ZenFone devices, there is a built-in app called Auto-Start Manger, which by default prevents apps installed from the Play Store from running unless they are started explicitly by the user.

    It’s not a fancy app, and it doesn’t have any bells and whistles, but Shush! Ringer Restorer gives you an app you didn’t even know you needed. Simply turn down the volume on your phone when you walk into the office, the dentist, the movies, wherever, and Shush! asks when you want it back on. Simply put in a time frame of, say two hours, and viola! Two hours later, the volume on your phone’s back on.

    Editors Notes:

    Never miss a call because you forgot to turn your volume up again. Shush! doesn't distract you with ads or prompts to purchase, and it doesn't even require any permissions.

    What's new

    fix some bugs

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