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  • Descriptions

    After the meteor hit the Earth the dinosaurs did not fully distinct….On this post apoc-alypse island human began to gather and form the three great tribes, Fire Tooth, Spike Tail and Wind Claw. Each thrive and prosper with the help of the mysterious totem that allows them to summon dinosaurs to aid survival.

    game Features:
    ● Pixel Art
    Realistic and cute pixel art brings back the memories !
    ● Realistic Dinosaur sound effects and animation
    More than 100 dinosaurs at your command with realistic animation and sound ef-fects!
    ● A huge variety of strategies at your disposal
    Construct a wide variety of buildings to defend yourself from invasions or command mighty dinosaurs to invade other villages and crush their totems!
    ● Three Great Tribes
    Three different tribes each with their own unique artwork!
    ● Interesting Storyline
    Humorous conversations between the NPCs along with the dragon trainer Maya and the postman will slowly unveil the tale of the tribe!
    ● Invite your friends and join the raid even offline
    Real time social system, invite your friends to feed the dinosaurs or turn against each other for resources, even when they are offline!

    Harming the dinosaurs is strongly prohibited, but there are always rule breakers. Those people would slaughter dinosaurs and drink their blood, gaining mighty strength with the cost of losing sanity. In the end most dinosaur slayers would be filled with killing frenzy and slaughtering dinosaurs became their only purpose of living.

    The frenzied dinosaur slayers are named the blood barbarians by their relatives or friends and are banished to the frozen wasteland in the north.

    There is a rumor of a blood barbarian king that lives in the north and possess strength beyond even the mightiest dinosaurs. This barbarian king united the scat-tered blood barbarians and is planning to break through the combined defense of the three great tribes and salvage all villages.

    Chief!! Chief!! Please come~ We need to strengthen our defense!

    Editors Notes:

    After Deep Impact, dinosaurs did not completely disappear in this island continent, human settlements because the terrain is divided into segments and teeth of fire, barbed tail, claws wind three tribes. He began to develop robust human dependence mysterious totem poles, dinosaur summon help protect against blood pretty ethnic invasion.

    What's new

    fix some bugs

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