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  • Descriptions

    Whack Your Neighbour is a simple game where you have to find unique ways to kill your pesky neighbor. To do so, you have to interact with the objects found around you and watch what happens next.

    A simple point and click game of cartoon violence and stress relief, Whack Your Neighbour features 32 different ways to bloodily resolve a typical dispute in an everyday neighbourhood.

    Fully featured, comical murder scenes await those who have a dark sense of humour. Some scenes are inspired by popular movie moments, other’s are just plain common sense! Get whacking your neighbour now.

    The premise is simple: your unfriendly neighbor comes over to bother you while you’re having a backyard barbecue, so, you decide to kill him. Just like that.

    The best part of Whack Your Neighbour are all the different ways of killing him. For example, if you click on the grill, your character uses it to cook his neighbor alive. If you click on the rake, your character impales him with it. All the deaths are pretty graphic.

    In reality, there aren’t any difficult challenges in Whack Your Neighbour. The fun (if you can call it that) is finding all the different ways to kill your neighbor.

    Editors Notes:

    Very fun game, it is worth taking some time to play, you can download apkbot.com, highly recommended.

    What's new

    > 5 Brand New Kills: Some Comical, Some Brutal > Skip Kill Scene Button Added: In case you miss click an object or just want to skip the animation > Skip Intro Button Added > New Combo Object Selection Feature: Makes it easier than ever to find the second item to complete a kill without accidentally cancelling the first item. A manual cancellation of finding the second object can be done by clicking the first object highlighted on the left of the screen.

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