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  • Blendoku V1.8.2

    Blendoku V1.8.2

    Blendoku is a puzzle game where you have to put several different tones of a..

  • Pixel Twist V1.1

    Pixel Twist V1.1

    Pixels are trend, didn’t you know it? Smartphones are re-raising both 80’s gameplay and graphics…

  • PixWords™ V1.86

    PixWords™ V1.86

    Either if you want to test how good you are at your first language or..

  • Cookie Mania V1.6.5

    Cookie Mania V1.6.5

    Cookie Mania is a matching puzzle game with colorful graphics which is as original as..

  • Globlins V1.2.0

    Globlins V1.2.0

    Alien globs are brainwashing your friends. It’s time to burst their bubbles! Save the world..

  • Impossible Draw V1.7.1

    Impossible Draw V1.7.1

    Mimic the signs of virtuality to progress through a world where colors, shapes and music..

  • Ice Crush V1.7.0

    Ice Crush V1.7.0

    Here’s Ice Crush, a colorful matching puzzle for fans of simple casual games. How does..